New Zealand - AC Endeavour O’pen Qualification System

All participants in the America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen must meet these minimum event requirements:

  • Must be no more than 15 years old as of December 31, 2017.  (Year of birth must be 2002 or later.)
  • Must have valid passport from your country.
  • Must exhibit sportsmanship and have the positive friendly O’Pen BIC attitude that is worthy of representing the O’Pen BIC Class at this very special event.
  • All participants must have completed the selection process and have booked air travel by April 1, 2017.

    New Zealand:  

In June 0f 2017, two lucky O’pen BIC sailors from New Zealand will have the opportunity to travel to Bermuda and take part in an International junior regatta as part of the 2017 America’s Cup with other junior sailors from all over the world.

All hopeful participants should understand that these regattas are not about determining the best sailor from the countries involved. They’re a unique opportunity for a lucky few sailors to experience the America’s Cup and represent the O’pen BIC Sailors of New Zealand on an international stage.

The lucky two don’t have to be the fastest sailors; they do have to represent the O’pen BIC sailors of New Zealand in a favourable manner, remembering the key value of the class.

The two sailors will be chosen from the 2017 NZ O’pen Cup. (Ravensbourne Boating Club, 21-23 January 2017).

Sailor Selection Prerequisites:

  • Must be fifteen years old or younger as of 31st December 2017.
  • Must be a resident of New Zealand as determined by BIC Sport.
  • Must take part in the Gold Fleet of the 2017 New Zealand O’pen Cup.
  • Family must own an O’pen BIC prior to competing in the 2017 NZ O’pen Cup.
  • Should a sailor be chosen, their families must accept or decline their ability to participate in Bermuda by February 28th 2017.

Selection process:

One female* and one male will be selected to take part in the AC Endeavour O’pen regatta.

On conclusion of the 2017 NZ O’pen Cup, the top 20 place getters names from the Gold Fleet will go into a hat.

The first male drawn from the hat will be first in line as the chosen male sailor. The first female drawn will be first in line as the chosen female sailor.

The above process will continue until four additional back up sailors are chosen for each of the two places available.

Back up sailors will be called upon in order of their selection to replace the top place getter should that person not be able to make the regatta for any reason.

* If the selected female and reserve female(s) are unable to attend the regatta and no further female(s) fit the criteria, only one sailor from New Zealand will be selected.

What Selection Includes for each sailor:

  • Return Economy Airfares to Bermuda. (Flight’s must be booked before April 30th, 2017. Parent or guardian must be self-funded).
  • Basic accommodation for each sailor and a parent or guardian for the duration of the regatta.